Aug 13, 2012

Pounding the Pavement

pound the pavement

  1. (idiom) To travel on foot; to walk or run.
    The joggers pounded the pavement for several miles each day.

  2. (idiom) To campaign diligently; to seek something, such as business, employment, or answers.
    After a brief and unsuccessful search, he decided it was time to start pounding the pavement.

Funnily enough this idiom fits both my situations today.

Firstly, today was another craptastic day in the saga of my work situation and I was irrationally angry at the situation and had to fight myself all day not to blow up at the people involved or burst into tears of frustration.

I had a great text conversation with my friend Melissa today that pulled me out of my own head and gave me some much needed motivation and inspiration.

When the day was over, as I sat on the subway, then the train, then the bus on my way home, I told myself to go for a run when I got home. I kept telling myself, "As soon as you get home, get changed and go. Try the new shoes with the orthotics. Just do it. Don't think about it. Just do it." I must have repeated it a thousand times but it worked. As soon as I got home, I said hello to Liam, changed into my running kit and new shoes with orthotics and off I went. It was cloudy and drizzling off and on and so humid, but I don’t mind the rain so I kept going. I should have taken water though, the humidity was horrible and I was sweating just from my warm up walk.

There’s a reason the chiropodist said to start slow with the shoes. An easy 2-3 k the first time he said, don’t push it.

I managed 2.63k  plus another 1k warm up and 1k cool down walk before my feet and calves were just too sore to continue and I hadn’t run at all since last Sunday morning. I’m sure its the orthotics that were causing the pain. Good things I noticed about the orthotics though, I was landing more naturally mid-sole and my right foot did not turn out at all the way it usually does. I would say the downside was that I didn’t feel any spring or bounce in my step and the soles of my shoes felt hard rather than cushy like I’m used to.

IMG_1298[1] IMG_1297[1]
Nike Stats Post-Run “glow”. Running is not an attractive look for me!
IMG_1287[1] IMG_1285[1]

Pictures from my mountaintop

Skies threatening to open up

Secondly, I am still job hunting, so if any of you, my lovely followers, are recruiters for the Hamilton / Toronto area or you know a recruiter, please contact me to exchange info.


  1. As a former recruiter I would always say job hunting is a full time job but never ever lose hope and keep going. There is something out there for you I'm positive.

  2. Good for you getting out to run! Good luck on the job hunt.