Aug 25, 2012

Mount Nemo

Today I went to meet my friend Tina and her dog, Sadie, so we could do a hike at Mount Nemo. This is a nice hike, beautiful scenery, challenging trails climbing over rocks and tree roots in the trail and a lot of uphill. I love it! We ended up doing a not easy 3.5k and worked up quite a sweat. This wasn’t the trail I was thinking of yesterday when I said it was easy!

I didn’t have any vertigo while hiking but my ear kept popping as we were quite high on the escarpment and the popping felt like stabbing in my head.

IMG_1399 sign

This is typical of the terrain.

Up, up and up.

IMG_1381 IMG_1384

Queen of the Escarpment

Looking down on a farm


Tree roots everywhere!

The start of the trail – nice and easy!


Then I came home, showered, went out for groceries, had a nap and got all pretty to have a girls’ night out,  and then just as I was waiting for her to pick me up, she called to cancel. After the hair, the make up, the heels….actually I was very disappointed, I was looking forward to a grown up night out. As the evening wore on I got more disappointed and found myself truly missing having a car for the first time since I’ve not had one (beginning of June). I just wanted to escape. My ear was hurting pretty bad so I knew I shouldn’t run and although I tossed around the idea of a walk, I didn’t feel like going out alone. So, I did something I’ve not done since I was a teenager – I lay on my bed and listened to 80’s love songs.

Going to make myself a quick dinner and then call it an early night I think.


  1. Awww how sad you didn't get to go out. That walk looks tough!

  2. Very cool you found an alternative to enjoying your evening after your plans fell through. I love the 80s, can't go wrong looking to the 80s for a good time.

  3. Oh yeah, I bet you felt that one when you got home! Great exercise, and so fun that you had a friend and dog with you.

    :-) Marion