Aug 16, 2012

Power Day

Today was my 10k clinic night and we were again to run 6k, but despite being promised a flat route, it was actually all downhill one way and mostly uphill on the way back. So Melissa and I ran 5.25k and walked the last 1k back up the steepest part of the hill. We're working our way back up after not having done a lot of running the last few weeks. It was good to have someone to run with though because the instructor didn't have to come back for us quite as often as he did for me last night.

Then Melissa and I decided to conquer the Wentworth Stairs. We drove to my apartment building and walked over to the stairs, about an 8 minute walk, then went all the way down 498 stairs and then came all the way back up 498 stairs, then walked home.

We're going to do it again next week. Partly we are training for the CN Tower Climb in October, which is 1741 stairs, over three times what we did tonight!


  1. Stair climbs are awesome! They are my new obsession. I am not fast but I love the accomplishment. I have done three so far this year and have another one on Sept. 11th.

    Good job on the running! Awesome.

  2. You are a machine Enz. I have never tried the stairs and just the thought of it gives me heart palpitations! Kimberley