Aug 24, 2009

15 Week Challenge

Well I’ve not posted about this for a few weeks.

There’s not really a good reason actually. The challenge consists of two main challenges each week.  One is called Workout Wednesday.  In all cases except one, the workouts were just too challenging for my fitness level and I felt really inadequate not being able to complete them.  In some cases I could partially do the workout, but I don’t think my form was right and I would definitely be in pain.  I just got so discouraged that it didn’t seem right to stay in the challenge when I was making no effort with a third of it (the workout part).

I don’t mean this as a criticism against Amy. She puts an amazing amount of work into the challenge and I am sure that many people are doing well and feeling challenged by it. I was just feeling inadequate and more unfit at a time when I was trying to get back into fitness. 

This won’t stop me from joining her next challenge though, when I am in a better place, physically and mentally.


  1. It's all about going at your own pace! Good for you for being in touch with your mind and body! You'll be a rocking a challenge in no time! :)

  2. I don't do the mini challenges for Amy's Challenge, I just do the weighing in. I too find the exercises a bit difficult, not only that but at night when I have time to do them I'm too exhausted from a day at work!!

    Keep at it!!