Aug 18, 2009

Quick peek in to say hi.

Hello everyone,

I've been absent a few days. I developed pink-eye on Friday and by Saturday (even with eye drops) my eye was swollen shut and oozing that awful green/yellow gunk.

I literally could not see through my eyes all day Sunday. Thankfully Monday morning my right eye was completely fine and my left eye only slightly swollen but no longer oozing.

Today, is pretty much normal.

Not alot to write about from my corner of the world. We've had high temps and high humidity since last Thursday and since we don't have a/c at home, this has meant no exercising at all so I was focusing really hard on just managing my eating and I think I did ok.

I've been bouncing up and down between 219.4 and 220.6 for the past four weeks and I've had enough!! I just want to be in the 2-teens and go down from there not keep seeing the 220s every few days again. Not sure what I need to do, but definitely need to shake something up. The heat and humidity is supposed to break over the next few days so maybe I can get in some exercise.

More later :)

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