Aug 25, 2009

Four to Score

Day 4 of my workout schedule and I am on track!

Week 1 AM PM Check
Saturday 30 Day Shred L1-1   Yes!
Sunday Walk   Yes!
Monday   C25K - W1W1 Yes!
Tuesday   30 Day Shred L1-2 Yes!
Wednesday   C25K - W1W2  
Thursday   Walk  
Friday   30 Day Shred L1-3  

(As an aside, does anyone know how I can copy this table into tomorrow’s blog entry, I have to keep redoing it because it won’t let me copy it, either in LiveWriter or Blogger dashboard…it seems simple enough but it won’t work!)

Another good “On Program” Day today.  I had a crappy morning at work and just wanted to get out of the office at lunch time and go somewhere far away for lunch. My wonderful coworker talked me into walking over to Loblaws with her and we split a Vegetable and Brie Ciabatta sandwich and a pound of grapes and ate in our boardroom to get away from the rest of the office. It was a great break and kept me from going through the drive-thru at Wendy’s, which is what I wanted to do.

The Shred was much easier tonight (my 2nd go at it) but I still find the skipping, basically jumping straight up and down, really hard so I was doing the running kind of skipping, instead.  The crunches were definitely easier though and I only had to stop to catch my breath once tonight.

Other food today included Hungry Girl’s Apple & Onion Stuffing. I followed the recipe exactly but found that it needed more bread, or less vegetables, it was very mushy. I like a drier stuffing. Next time I would either add more bread or less vegetables and definitely bake it uncovered longer. I also added sage as I thought it would be very bland with just garlic, salt and pepper and I love the combination of sage and onion. It was delicious tasting, just needed to be drier for my liking.  This is one of the few recipes in the 200 under 200 Cookbook that doesn’t use any prepackaged, processed ingredients (except for the bread) and I quite enjoyed it.

On Saturday I am going to Buffalo with another coworker to go shopping so although that day will include eating out – it will also include lots and lots of walking. I will redo my work out schedule for next week on Friday and I may use Saturday as a “rest” day since I am leaving home at 5:30 a.m. and won’t be back til close to midnight and put my focus on just eating well in restaurants that day.

Ok, I’m off to shower and then a glass of milk and then to bed.

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