Aug 4, 2009

Tuesday Catch Up

I have to admit, I am feeling the effects of yesterday's outside run, today.

I woke up this morning and every muscle in my body aches, but mostly the front of my thighs and lower back. My job is mostly sitting, so every time I get up, it is a new wave of pain. I tried to get up every 10 minutes or so to stretch and just walk about a bit to work out the muscles.

This past long weekend was quiet. Den had gone to his family's farm with his mum for the weekend so it was just me and the boys and they slept most of the day and stayed up most of the night while I did the opposite. It was almost like being single again. I did alot of housework, meal planning and cooking for the coming week so I am well prepared.

I discovered Clean Eating Magazine from Andrea, another blogger and love it. I signed up for a subscription the same day I read it. I love how each issue has a 14 day menu with recipes to get you started on the right foot and to keep food interesting and varied. The recipes are very uncomplicated and use a variety of ingredients. The menus are varied and easy to follow. As I've been losing weight, I've been relying on alot of low fat, no sugar processed foods to fill in for foods I've taken away. I would like to get away from them and focus more on whole, natural foods and to set a better example for my boys. I don't want them thinking that eating healthy is out of boxes and using chemicals to replace sugar and fat. I like the attitude of the Clean Eating magazine as well, it focuses on making changes gradually, one meal at a time, which is what my philosophy to weight watchers is as well. I made up my own 1 week menu based on their first week menu. Some stuff I changed, for example, I am not going to eat cottage cheese so I replaced that with yogurt in the menu plan. I have blueberries in the fridge so I replaced those for the raspberries. It seems easy to customize and play around with to suit my tastes and what I already have in the fridge. Going forward I'll shop around the menu to some extent, but I know I will still sub items to suit myself. I've been doing this since Saturday and it's going quite well so far. I'll keep you posted.

I've been faithful to the Ten Minutes A Day Challenge except for one day where I was sick as a dog. Puking and exercise do not go well together! I actually look forward to figuring out how/where I can squeeze in ten minutes and a couple of times, I managed it twice a day. Thanks again to Chubby Chick for this idea.

Tonight I'm going to go for a quiet walk around my neighbourhood in honour of Jen's mom and reflect on my own life and blessings and pray for her family.

This afternoon I see my endocrinologist and I'm so excited about seeing my blood work results. My glucose levels have been so amazing for the last two months I can't wait to see what my A1C reading will be. I do take medication to lower my blood glucose but I can see that exercise and diet and losing weight have a definite positive impact on the daily numbers. I've also lost 11lbs since I saw her last which I know she will be thrilled about. Her scale weighs in kilograms and it would be really cool to be under 100kg (220lb) on her scale. This morning, on my scale I weighed 220lbs so on hers it will probably be a bit over because it's at the end of the day and I will be fully dressed. I'll let you know though.

Oh exciting news! My new laptop was delivered today. Unfortunately everyone was in bed when it arrived and Purolator took it back to their depot so I have to pick it up there. I've been using my work laptop at home now for a few weeks which is ok, but I can't download or install stuff on it and I'm always worried about something happening to it at home, i.e. spilling coffee all over it, dropping it etc. so I am so thrilled to have my own new one now and its running Vista which I've never used yet. So tonight I will probably spend installing Office and setting it up. It also means I will be able to use LiveWriter for my blog posts! Yoohoo.

My digital camera has been on the blink so I've not been taking pics of my food, but I think I've got it sorted now so will start doing that again tomorrow and I can show you some of the food / menus from Clean Eating magazine.

Anyway, more later!

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  1. Hey there, my dear...

    Clean eating mag is one of my new "things" too. If you are really interested in food.. try dropping by the food talk board as well. I get lots of great recipes off there. The gals there know EVERYTHING lol.

    As for the aches and pains.. be sure to take a day off when you feel that way. Epsom salts also help.

    I sometimes use a deep cold cream as well to help with the sore muscles.

    I posted a recipe for a lentil salad which was YUMMMY on my blog.. I am trying a barley one today.

    I will post a review for it as well.

    Make sure you do the same... I love hearing how other people's recipes turn out.

    Take care,