Aug 30, 2009

Saturday, Sunday and Next Week's Workout Plan

Saturday was a really long day. I went to Buffalo with a coworker and I think she had a good time, she bought alot of nice stuff!  I wasn’t feeling well all day and when we got to Olive Garden for lunch (we decided not to stay late enough for dinner) I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana with grilled vegetables. I still ate too many breadsticks (3) and forgot to order the salad without dressing and I was so tired, I just wanted to eat and go home.

Anyway, this week all my AP will be to make up the deficit of points from that meal!  More incentive, I guess :)

I am still really, really tired today – both emotionally and physically so I am just chilling. Den and the boys are going to a local burger joint for dinner and I am not feeling it so I’m going to stay home, read and just do nothing. I’ll make some soup for dinner later.

Exercise Plan

Today I walked along the Burlington Waterfront with Tina (Nowmotivated from the WW message boards), both of us were tired and neither of us really felt like pushing it today, so we did about 45 min for 1.78 miles.  I’ve put in one additional weekday morning workout to try and see how it goes, but normally weekday mornings are not my best time – I’m not a morning person at all! And I normally get up, shower, grab my stuff and go. I don’t even eat breakfast at home, I have it when I get to work. But I’m willing to try and see how it goes. I’m going to try a Leslie Sansone Walk Fit DVD, she has a 1 mile 15 minute workout. I figure its a good place to start and it means only adding 15 minutes to my morning.

Week 2
Aug 29-Sept 4
AM PM Check
Saturday Rest   This was easy!
Sunday Walk (1.78 miles)   Yes!
Monday   C25K - W1W4  
Tuesday   30 Day Shred L1-3  
Wednesday Walkfit DVD C25K - W1W5  
Thursday   Walk  
Friday   30 Day Shred L1-4  

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