Aug 20, 2009

weather updates and other news

Note: This is last night’s post. I was unable to post as our power went out for the evening.


Wow…it is storming here. Thunder, lightening, torrential downpour!  We do need it though, its been so hot and humid and sticky and muggy for almost a week. Hopefully the rain will wash all that away and leave cool breezes and fresh air behind.

Today was a good “On Program” day.  I did well by packing everything two nights ago and today I just had to take it with me. 

My lovely coworker brought in brownies, cookies and ribs she had left over from a dinner party last night. I know she is a great cook, we talk about cooking and food and exchange recipes all the time and even though I don’t normally eat ribs, I did try a small piece – two bones? – what do you actually call those?  It was delicious, it literally fell off the bone and melted in my mouth.

I didn’t try the brownies and cookies because I can have those any time but the ribs were a nice treat.  I guesstimated the points from similar items in the Weight Watcher points tracker.

Came home and had planned to have fish and vegetables for dinner but my oldest son ended up treating us to pizza which was nice. So I had two slices of veggie pizza.

Wow – the rain is going sideways right now outside my bedroom window! That is so freaky!!!

Tomorrow we are going out for lunch as a group because our manager is away for the day :) We normally go to a local brewery pub so the food is not point friendly but my habit is to eat half my meal and bring half home so it doesn’t work out too badly. 

Today I saw 219 on the scale!!! That is 0.6 lower than before and also lower than my bouncing around the last few weeks, I am hoping it will show that for my “official” weigh in tomorrow morning.  If not, I know I will see it again eventually, I just have to keep plugging away.

Oh bad news about my shiny brand new laptop!!! The power adapter doesn’t seem to be working and is overheating itself and the laptop so I had to call Dell last night and they are sending me a new laptop.  That’s great except it will take 3 weeks to get here!!!

My “old” laptop has been repaired by a dear friend and I should have that back in a few weeks as well but I was planning to give it to Iain for Grade 9 so he wouldn’t have to go to the library all the time to do his homework and so he wouldn’t have to use my new one and I could keep it “clean”.

I am rambling :) Well I’ll go for now as the weather is really bad and our power is actually flickering on and off.  Will post this later when our internet connection is back up.

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