Aug 27, 2009

Thursday Ramblings

I was/am tired today. I came home from work and dozed for about an hour.  Then Den and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and stopped in at the library. In total we walked 2.32 miles in just over an hour. 

I love the library – I should go there more often, I would save a ton of money!

I borrowed the latest Weight Watchers magazine, a bunch of CDs for relaxation, a beginners Yoga DVD and some books on DVD.

My co-workers and I went to Licks for lunch today and I had the turkey burger (I think its called the Gobbler) and fries. I am still FULL and don’t even want dinner – actually dinner has come and gone and I am still not hungry but I will have some cheese and crackers in a bit to take my meds and then I think I will pop in one of those relaxation CDs and drift away to slumberland.


Week 1
Aug 22-28
AM PM Check
Saturday 30 Day Shred L1-1   Yes!
Sunday Walk   Yes!
Monday   C25K - W1W1 Yes!
Tuesday   30 Day Shred L1-2 Yes!
Wednesday   C25K - W1W2 Yes!
Thursday   Walk (2.32 miles) Yes!
Friday   30 Day Shred L1-3  

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