Feb 24, 2009

Feb 24 - Daily Journal

Wt: 233
Points: 28

So..today I joined Weight Watchers On Line. I had been thinking about it for awhile and was going back and forth between on line and meetings. I've done the meetings before and I was quite successful, but I did it with my best friend and we both did really well, I stayed on it for almost two years, through a pregnancy even.

This time though, since I'm not working, I don't think I could afford the $18/week meeting fee, the on line fee is $21.95 a month, so huge savings and I have access to recipes, meal tracker, and an online community. I signed up for three months, so I'll see how it goes and if I want to continue. Depends how much I get out of it.

Today was an odd day, as you'll see from my food journal, below (copied from the WW online site - saves alot of typing!).

I was supposed to work today but I also had to go and get my three month blood work done (I go every three months for my endo - diabetes/thyroid disorder), so I planned to go to work after the lab..anyway, the tests are fasting tests, so after 7 last night I didn't eat anything and I wasn't feeling well anyway so I went to bed early. When I woke up at 7, I really wasn't feeling well. Went to the lab, to find it jam packed, it was almost 10:30 by the time they took me in and I was really feeling nauseous and light headed, but thought, "Just get this over with". The lab tech, a lovely lovely lady who always takes my blood, couldn't find a vein in either arm - she always finds one - I have so much trouble with blood tests, she's the only person who has always been able to do it the first time...except for today.

I knew I was going to throw up (you know that feeling?) so we had to stop. I almost fell down when I stood up - and she hadn't taken any blood. On the way home, I felt so sick we had to get something to eat, so I got an order of fries at Wendy's. Then I came home and wanted to sleep but couldn't, so I baked, menu planned etc. and signed up for WW online.

I feel better now I've eaten dinner but still have to go back on Friday to have the bloodwork done..so I missed a day of work which really, really sucks, but I did enjoy the peace and quiet before the kids got home from school.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
1 serving(s) French Fries 9
Subtotal 9
1 Chicken Parmigiana (homemade) 5
Subtotal 5
1/2 serving(s) Canadian Back Bacon 1
1 item(s) egg 2
1 tsp margarine 1
Procardio Dempsters Bread - Quick-added food 2
1 G.I. Diet Baked Beans 3
Subtotal 9
1 G.I. Orange Bran Muffins 1
1/2 Chocolate Mousse 4
Subtotal 5
Food POINTS values total used 28
Food POINTS values remaining 0
No entries for exercise.
Activity POINTS values earned 0
Check off these important items daily:
Milk & Milk Products
Fruit & Vegetables
Healthy Oils

Fasting: 08:43 - 8.4
12:45 - 12.2
15:15 - 8.6
20:17 - 8.4

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