Feb 26, 2009

Feb 26 - Daily Journal and Good News!

Wt: 232.8

Points: 43

Today I was offered a full time, permanent position with the company I've been temping with for about 6 months. I was so happy, I could have cried. I did have another contract position lined up starting next Monday but my heart wasn't in it - it was purely a financial move. The position I was offered today is Project Administrator at a construction site for one of the major projects the company is working on right now. Its not an ideal job but it is a great, awesome company that I've loved since my first day there. The money is quite a drop from what I'm used to but they are going to give me full benefits immediately :) - a major bonus for me and my family. And..its a foot in the door so I figure I spend a year learning all I can and then another position may come up.

So...my coworkers took me out to lunch and then my husband and boys took me out to dinner. I'm expecting the scale to go up a little tomorrow from all the salt and carbs today - but that's ok, it's part of life, right?

Tomorrow I have to go and try to get my bloodwork done again...let's hope she can find a vein and I can get it over with!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009
1 cup(s) Skim Milk 2
NSA Carnation Instant Breakfast drink - Quick-added food 1
Subtotal 3
1 item(s) single serving cheese pizza 13
1 cup(s) mixed baby greens 0
2 tsp olive oil 2.5
Subtotal 15.5
1 serving(s) Side Mario's Potatoes 6
1/3 serving(s) Entrée Garden 4
2/3 serving(s) Hell's Kitchen Chicken 13
Subtotal 23
1/2 serving(s) Gourmet cheese and baguettes 1
1 G.I. Orange Bran Muffins 1
Subtotal 2
Food POINTS values total used 43.5
Food POINTS values remaining 0
No entries for exercise.
Activity POINTS values earned 0
Check off these important items daily:
Milk & Milk Products
Fruit & Vegetables
Healthy Oils

Fasting: 08:31 - 8.4
11:00 - 10.0
12:16 - 7.9
14:30 - 12.2
17:14 - 8.6
19:45 - 9.1


  1. Congratulations on the new job, and good luck with the blood draw tomorrow! Is the new chart you have something from Weight Watchers online? It's really cool! I am going to do the monthly pass, but I have to use up the 10 free weeks my Stepmom gave me first. I can't wait to use the online tools!

  2. Yes, its the online tracker. I love it. It has a huge database (and the US one is even bigger than the Canadian one!) and you can also add foods of your own. There is also a points calculator if you have nutrition info and you can put in recipes and it will calculate points per serving for you as well. I like it alot. It seems worth the $21.95 a month. I think the US site has 7 days free right now as well if you wanted to try it out.

    I just cut and pasted the chart - so much easier than typing! And I like that its on line so I can just put stuff in wherever I am, work or home.