Feb 7, 2009

Feb 7 - Daily Journal - Disaster Day!

Wt: 238.8

Points: Too many!!!! - Seriously - 50.5

Today was an eating disaster. I was in Buffalo all day and just got home. I had the best intentions. I checked out the Panera menu before I left and found very few things that were point friendly, but I did decide on having the Cafe Salad and the Low Fat Chicken Tortilla Soup.

The day started out fine, weighed myself and saw I was at 238.8. Scale is going in the right direction. Came downstairs to have my oatmeal before I left and realised I was half an hour late! I ran out the door without eating (Mistake #1).

On the way, of course my son was hungry because he also didn't have time to eat. He wanted to get McDonald's. I said sure, I wasn't going to have any, but he could. I pulled into the drive thru, he ordered...then I ordered!!! (Mistake #2). I was really hungry by that point so I ordered an Egg McMuffin and Hashbrown combo. Total points 9.5.

We went for lunch at Panera and I did well, I stuck to my plan, salad and soup. Total points 7.75 including two bites of a multigrain baguette. Feeling good and that I could still save the day. My son then buys me a chocolate chipper cookie. It's not a big cookie, how many points could it be? I ate the cookie (Mistake #4). Came home and found out it is worth 10 points!!!! For 10 points I would rather have had my usual sandwich than a small 3 oz cookie.

The day goes on, shopping, running errands, its now 3 p.m. and we are all hungry. Where do we go? McDonald's again. (Mistake #5) By this time, I don't even know what I was thinking, or if I was thinking at all. 1 Quarter Pounder later and half an order of fries I had used up 18 more points.

On the way home we stop for coffee at Tim Hortons. What goes with Tim's coffee? Timbits. Another 7 points.

Grand total for the day 50.5. Insanity.

I am glad that I came home and figured out the points and wrote it down...now I know that it's just not worth it and that I can do so much better. I have to plan so much better for days like to day though, I need to take Fibre One Bars or some fruit, or something I can eat for times when I need to eat in a hurry. Lesson learned.

I'm not beating myself up about this, the day is over. Tomorrow is a new day and I'll get right back on plan. This is one day out of the rest of my life, and the last three weeks I have done so well that one day out of 21 is still a good success rate.


  1. I'm only in my 2nd week, so I haven't had this kind of day yet, but I know I will! It's okay, we all do! It sounds like writing it all down really helped - I know it would for me too! On to another day.

  2. Thanks, you're right, writing it all down made it easier to 'see' and push me to do be more careful. How are you doing with the program