Dec 30, 2009

Day 20 - The Beck Diet Solution

I found my book!!!

It was hidden under my passenger seat in the car - it must have fallen out of my bag and then slid under, I don't know what made me look there but there it was!!! Thank Goodness!!! 

Day 20 focuses on something I learned very early on in Weight Watchers and something that is what I would call one of their core philosophies.

"Get back on track."

We're not perfect. We're not going to eat perfectly 100% of the time, every single day. The best laid know the rest.

Beck advises that the best way to deal with falling off track, either unplanned or overeating, is to get right back on track immediately. Don't wait til the end of the day, or the end of the week, or the end of the year.


One episode of overeating or unplanned eating won't ruin all the work you've done so far.  Continuous episodes will.  Start fresh.  Don't pretend it didn't happen, though. Look at it, analyse the whys and learn from it - then move on.

Make the next meal on track.

It took me about a year at WW to learn this and practice it and believe it. I do now. I know if I lose it for a meal or a day, all I need to do is plan my next meal to be on track.  In the beginning I was literally going meal to meal, then it stretched day to day and then I could go weeks at a time staying on plan.

It truly is all about determination and perseverance for me, not perfection.

This  is the perfect time of year for this message I think.  Let's put the Christmas feast behind us. If you're still in holiday eating mode and don't want to be - you don't have to be. You make the decision when to get back on track.

Make it now.


  1. This is a hard one for me. One slip up can easily lead to a whole day of terrible eating. One whole day then can just as easily lead to two, three and so on. I would definitely be turning this one into a response card if I was doing Beck up right.

  2. Yes, this is where many of us go wrong and you are right, it is so important to get back on track IMMEDIATELY.

    Glad you found the book, lol!

  3. lol glad the book is back! Loved seeing the titles knowing the updates were back!
    And yes, this one calls home, and I for one am glad the holidays are over, totally back and ready now!

  4. Yay to finding your book!

  5. This was definitely one of the most helpful things for me to learn. Just because you slip up doesn't mean everything is ruined. It's good to forgive yourself!