Dec 1, 2009

Shuffalo to Buffalo

I ended up going to Buffalo today with my friend Shelley. We always have a lot of fun and laugh alot and have great conversations when we are together and the approximately 90 min drive each way is perfect for that.

I didn't go as early as I had planned but there was no traffic and no lines at the border either way, so all's good.

Dawne, I waved both ways through Niagara, did you see me?

I did some shopping and ended up getting some small Christmas gifts for Den, Iain and Liam and all my groceries.  I also got a denim skirt and a gorgeous red sweater on sale at Avenue and Dress Barn respectively.  There were still lots of sales and deals going on, despite Black Friday being last week and I didn't have to fight the crowds and craziness.

I didn't get the scale I wanted - Target had sold out! I don't think I am meant to have this scale. However, I did try to put batteries in mine again this morning and it seems to be working - maybe it just needed a rest after me weighing in every day for so long. It read 212...which is right where I thought I would be. I'll start my daily weighing again and see where I am headed.

Oh - I almost forgot. While at Barnes and Noble I was looking for The Beck Diet Solution because many women on the Weight Watchers Forum have recommended it and I know a few bloggers are reading it. I couldn't find it so I asked the Customer Service person if he could tell me where it was. He looked it up in his computer and then said that he thought he had seen a hard cover copy on the Bargain Shelves, would I like that one?  He went off to find it and about 5 minutes later came back with it in hand - $5.98. Truly, the universe was smiling on me today!  I'm going to start reading it tomorrow and will post some thoughts on it in a day or two.


  1. Glad that you had a great day of shopping and that the scale was kind!

  2. What a bargain on the book!!!!!!!

    I should read it. I have it and have never even cracked it open.

  3. I love Target and Avenue, two of my favs! I got on account for both, not so good LOL
    You can absolutely never enter either without walking out with something!
    I recently bought a denim skirt and red and black sweater on sale....mmmm you now got me wondering if we got anything the same LOL
    Sounds for sure like you have a nice relaxing girlie day, I need on of those too!

  4. Sounds like a great trip. I love Dr. Beck. She is so no nonsense. No airy fairy diet-is-a-dirty-word stuff in that book. Just good practical ideas for changing the way you think about food. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the matter!

  5. Wow sounds like a great day - I need you to wave to my friend Char who lives in Buffalo next time you go. I must check out the book - what a great bargain for a hard cover!!!