Dec 9, 2009

Day 8 – The Beck Diet Solution


Week 1 is over folks! How easy was that?

I didn’t get to talk to Shelley about the diet coach – I had to cancel our coffee date because of some issues at home so I’m still flying solo here – but it is something I want to explore, so I’m not forgetting about it and I will keep you posted.

Day 8 focuses on planning and creating time for dieting.

This is something I do all the time. My personal motto is, “Fail to plan, plan to fail”. I guarantee you, if I do not plan my meals (especially during the work week), I will eat whatever is handy and that is not usually what is healthy or balanced!  If I don’t make a plan to exercise – I won’t do it. I need to plan, be organized and then do it. If I don’t pack my lunch/snacks before bed for the next day, it won’t get done. No matter how good my intentions are to do it in the morning, my experience has proved time and time again – I won’t do it! 

Flying by the seat of my pants does not work for me with weight loss and exercise.

This chapter was a good reminder though that it’s normal for this process to feel like work and sometimes extra work that I don’t feel like doing.  When that happens, I have to review my response cards and remember why I’m doing this and decide is my ultimate goal more important than a minor inconvenience?

I am reading my response cards 2-3 x a day now and it has become a habit, as soon as I pull out my blood sugar monitor, I see them and read them. Some days I give the sentences more thought than others.

I am really enjoying giving myself credit every day. It is so easy to think of a dozen things I did wrong today without hesitation that I overlook what I did right.  Making my little list is getting easier and I am recognizing more and more that every small thing I do is a success and in some ways, outweighs, the things I did wrong.

I wrote another response card for myself.

“It’s ok to think that planning and organizing to lose weight is a lot of work. It IS a lot of work. I’m worth it. My goals are more important than being inconvenienced now and again.”

Today I’m taking credit for:

1. Reading my cards.

2. Tracking everything I ate.

3. Meal planning for tomorrow.

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  1. Great to see this book is really working for you!