Sep 17, 2009


That’s what the scale said for today’s Weigh In.  Considering the bad day I had last Friday and how much I consumed…I’m happy that I was able to turn it around and still see a fair loss.  My waist size is 38”.

I’ve completely fallen off the exercise wagon except for 20 min or so walks.

Ross (my coworker) bought me another Toasted Coconut donut from Tim’s today and I told him I couldn’t eat it and asked that he doesn’t bring me one routinely anymore. I told him I’d still have one with him occasionally, but every day was just too much. It was easier than I thought and he said, “No problem. Let me know when you want me to get you one.”

Nothing else interesting to tell today. It was a relatively average day in the Life of Enz.

I am reading a novel by Paulo Coelho, “The Devil and Miss Prym”.  Have any of you read it? I’ve only just started and I’m about 1/3 of the way in I guess. One line jumped out at me.

“People want to change everything, and, at the same time, want it all to remain the same.”

I was thinking how this relates to this journey. I would love to keep eating chocolate and ice cream and toasted coconut donuts but at the same time I want to lose weight, I want to be healthier. Although I understand the need for a change in my behaviours and habits – deep down – I wish things could stay the same AND I could have the changes I want. 

It’s also all a bit scary.  In 5 more pounds I will be at the lowest I’ve been since Liam was born (12 1/2 years) and I’ve never gotten to below 200 before. I would get stuck around 210 or so and just give up and then gain all the weight back plus more.  210 seems to be my “mental plateau”.  This time I need to get past it. I have to want the change more than I want things to stay the same.


  1. I know what you mean about mental plateaus. I've come close to being under 200 pounds in the past few years (202, 206, 212), but I haven't been able to dip below. It definitely feels like I'm scared to dip below 200 pounds even though I want it so badly.

  2. I sometimes think we get a bit scared of change, but it is a lot better than you think. And so worth taking those (seemingly) difficult steps.

    Power through those mental barriers and you won't look back!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss and on feeling comfortable enough to talk to your co-worker!