Sep 25, 2009

Day 6/40


Overwhelmed is today’s watchword.

I didn’t sleep well last night as I kept getting up to check Liam’s fever. And then I ended up sleeping in and having to rush to work and got there almost an hour late.  My manager was a jerk today. You know how sometimes they are just “over the top” ? He was driving me nuts today and I knew I was leaving early for my interview so I was rushing to get to stuff done and he was just “bugging” me you know?  Anyway….I am home and I can relax now…that’s the important thing.

I still didn’t get a battery for my scale so I’ve no idea where my weight is, but I am the beginning of TOM so it wouldn’t have been good anyway. I will get a new battery tomorrow whilst running errands.


5 Keys Where am I?
Track everything 5/6
30 Day Shred 1/6
Limit High Glycemic Foods 3/6
Blog Every Day 6/6
Water, Water, Water 5/6


Today was probably the worst day since I started my self-challenge. I didn’t track anything, in fact I can’t even remember half of what I ate and I didn’t drink nearly enough water – I was literally run off my feet all day.  I just got home and am shattered – I don’t think I even have the energy to change to do the Shred let alone do it.  This has been a completely upside down week with me being sick and then Liam.    I feel like I’ve made no headway with anything.

This time around – losing weight, getting healthy – my attitude is so different. Before, if I had a “bad” day or what I perceived as a bad day, it would turn into a string of bad days and sometimes even weeks and I would undo all the good I did by eating crappy, almost on purpose as if to prove I could. Does that make sense?  This time – I accept I’m not perfect. I aim to do the best  I can each day. I recognize that today may be better than yesterday and tomorrow may be worse, but that’s ok. Each day I do the best I am able to and I now believe, that every little thing I do that contributes to my wellbeing, physically, emotionally and mentally, is a benefit. There is nothing too small or inconsequential.

Today, while I was waiting for a going away party to start, I had about 30 min to kill. There was a time I would have sat in the bar and had a drink and some appetizers while I waited. Today, I went for a walk. Just around the parking lot – about 10 times!!! It was a gorgeous afternoon and I just enjoyed the sunshine, thinking about nothing, walking the perimeter of the parking lot. It wasn’t strenuous exercise by any means, but it was certainly better than eating nachos for half an hour!!!  See what I mean? The walk itself wasn’t important but it was significant because it meant I wasn’t doing something that was detrimental to my well being.

There is no end or giving up or quitting. This is just one day at a time doing the best I can to get healthy and along the way, lose the weight.


  1. That is awesome that you went a took a walk! I totally would have gone for the drink/appetizer thing. :) But it was actually a beautiful crisp day around here, so HUGE KUDOS to you for getting out and enjoying it! (And burning a few calories instead of consuming a bunch!)

  2. "I wasn’t doing something that was detrimental to my well being."

    That's an excellent habit to develop. I think the hardest part isn't losing the weight, but changing your habits so that you can keep it off.