Sep 13, 2009

Sunday and the games The Scale plays.

Hello everyone in Blogland!!

I'm doing ok today. Today I just did not feel like eating - I woefully underate today but I still feel really bloated and blech. So I stuck to clean and whole foods today and lots of lemon water. Hopefully I will feel "normal" by tomorrow.

So I told you all about my carb and fried food fest on Friday, right? Now, I'm an everyday weigher. Friday morning I weighed 215. Saturday morning I weighed --- hold on tight --- 221!!! 6lbs of water and sodium bloatedness. Isn't that ridiculous???? Today I am at 216 and I am hoping to lose the last of Friday's debacle before my next weigh in on Thursday. Just goes to show that the scale is not a true indicator of our success all the time.

To have gained 5lbs over night I would have to have consumed 17,500 calories ON TOP of whatever my body needs to sustain itself. I know I ate alot - but I am quite confident it was nowhere near that many calories!!

Anyway, I am all planned and packed OP for tomorrow so it WILL be a good eating day and I WILL feel better by Tuesday.

Have a good Sunday night everyone!!!


  1. 6 pounds is CRAZY, thank goodness it was back down this morning. I'd say overall the damage wasn't too bad (once the sodium was flushed out).

    Here's to a GREAT week ahead. Let's kick some booty! :)

  2. Oh... if I weighed in every day... it would drive me nuts! lol Once a week TOPS is good enough for me. The scale just messes way too much with my head otherwise.