Sep 28, 2009

Day 9/40

Join me in a happy dance?image

Why? No particular reason. I am just in a good mood and wanted to share with my blogging buddies.

The day started out rainy and cold, and part way through the afternoon, the sun came out and it was blue skies and sunshine, then driving home it was rain again.

It looks like I spoke too soon about Liam being over the flu. Today he was vomiting and the fever was back and now Iain is sick too. They are both eating soda crackers and drinking  ginger ale right now and they look pretty green actually.  They spent most of today just sleeping off and on.

Food was perfect today. I packed everything to take with me this morning and I actually took it and ate it and didn’t get anything extra – I didn’t need anything extra – I took my lunch, breakfast and 2 snacks.  For dinner I’m going to open a can of vegetarian chili for me and Den, I doubt the boys will want to eat anything. So I am well within my points for the day and may actually have to have some cheese or almonds to bump me up if I have too many left over. (Ha..that hardly ever happens!)

I didn’t get to walk at lunch today.  Although it was sunny during the lunch hour I just had so much work to do, I ended up eating at my desk.  By 3 p.m I was so mad that I hadn’t left the trailer all day (except to pee!) that I told my co worker that tomorrow I was leaving at lunch time no matter how busy it was (this was also fuelled by the fact that we have a co worker who is a slacker and he had spent the afternoon prancing around doing SFA and then left early). She asked if I’d like to walk with her. Of course!!! Walking with someone is so much better than walking alone. The only thing is, she is the Safety Advisor and sometimes can’t leave the site depending on what’s going on – but I know she will do her best so I’m looking forward to that tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s plan is to repeat today and if I can repeat today enough times – I will be doing ok :) Everything is packed for tomorrow, so no reason it can’t be another good day.

I haven’t looked into a new scale yet but I am going to tomorrow because I want to be able to post my 8 month stats on September 30.

This post by Tiffany really hit home today. In it she talks about things she can control and things she can’t. She is so right – even when we do follow our program each day, do the best we can each day – sometimes the scale doesn’t follow suit and “reward” us the way we think it should. We have no control over our hormones, water weight, bloating, muscle mass etc.  But we can control how much effort we put into our exercise and our eating plan and because we can control these things – we should – and we should use these things as measures of our success – not just the number on the scale.  Way to go Tiffany for reminding me of this.

I am very scale-centric – I like to see the numbers go down, I admit.  I do weigh every day but I am not influenced by a “bad” number. I know for some people it causes them to give up or binge, or makes them more determined. For me, its just a moment in time and an indication of where I am.  I try to look over a 4 week span – I am sure I’ve said this before – as long as I am losing 4-5 lbs over a 4 week average, I’m happy and I know I am on the right track.  The cool thing is the weight watcher weight tracker on line actually gives an option to view a 4 week period, so it’s a neat little tool to keep me motivated.

40 Day Challenge Scorecard

5 Keys Where am I?
Track everything 8/9
30 Day Shred 4/9
Limit High Glycemic Foods 6/9
Blog Every Day 9/9
Water, Water, Water 8/9

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. :)

    Sorry to hear that the boys are both sick. I hate when my daughter is sick. As a mother I feel helpless.

    Sounds like you're really on your game today. Your good mood is contagious. Just keep rolling with it and those pounds are gonna melt off in no time.